Loan Programs

Seth Daniels NMLS #262329 and American Financial Network, Inc. offer a variety of products and programs to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of borrower types (first-time homebuyers, homeowners who want to refinance, investors, self-employed), geographic areas (urban, suburban, rural), income levels, purchase types (single-family residence, second home, or investment property), credit profiles, and other loan features.
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Owner Occupied - Products


Conventional Conforming loans meet the underwriting requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two most prominent government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that are regulated...


FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and an excellent option for first-time homebuyers and borrowers with a lower credit score who may not qualify for...


VA loans, backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), are solely available to U.S. Veterans and surviving spouses. AFN offers VA programs to help our Veterans buy, build, or...

Conventional Jumbo

If a Conventional loan suits your needs, but the property you want to purchase or refinance exceeds conforming loan limits, a jumbo loan may be the answer. AFN offers Jumbo programs from...


USDA loans are backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development division and are offered to borrowers with moderate and lower incomes...


What is a Refinance? Also referred to as a Refi, it is a new mortgage loan that is used to pay off the existing loan. A Refi is an excellent way to do a number of things, depending on your needs...

Non-Traditional Borrowers - Speciality Products

A borrower whose credit documentation, source of income, or citizenship status doesn’t qualify under a traditional mortgage program may still be eligible for a home mortgage. AFN offers the self-employed, foreign nationals, and non-citizen borrowers a path to homeownership by alternative qualifying means.

Self-Employed/1099 Borrowers

AFN offers a path to homeownership to self-employed borrowers who cannot prove their income in the same manner as an employed (W-2) wage earner. Bank statements or Income Profit & Loss (P&L)...

Foreign Nationals

A Foreign National is a citizen of another country temporarily living in the United States and whose permanent residence and employment are in the other country. Although minimum requirements are...

ITEN (No SSN) Borrowers

An alien resident who is in the U.S. legally and also employed in the U.S. is assigned an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and may also be issued a Social...

Owner Occupied - Speciality Products

Specialty Products provide homeownership opportunities to borrowers—such as the self-employed—who do not qualify for traditional programs. These products offer features like using personal or business bank statements for income verification and can accommodate credit circumstances that traditional mortgages cannot. If none of the above-mentioned loan products seem like a fit, chances are AFN has a Specialty Product that will get you the purchase or refinance you seek.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

For borrowers with sufficient income to make regular mortgage payments but need help with the down payment, AFN carries an array of...

Second Chance Loans

1. COVID-19 Forbearance
2. Loan Modification
3. Prior Bankruptcy
4. Prior Foreclosure
5. Prior Short Sale


Renovation loans, sometimes referred to as rehabilitation loans, are backed by most of the entities mentioned above and are a great way to modernize your home so...

Investors - Speciality Products

Mortgage loans for investors, including experienced and inexperienced landlords, are available for those seeking investment properties for a buy and hold strategy or to renovate and flip. Options include loans to individuals, LLCs, and Corporations for purchase, rate/term refinance, and cash-out refinance with terms up to 30 years. Approval for some investor loans relies on property income rather than solely on personal finances. Qualified borrowers will find flexible options and terms for these products that can offer excellent opportunities for building wealth through real estate.

These loans tend to be more expensive than primary residence loans, but investors can do several things to help keep the cost of investment capital low:

  • Maintain a high credit score
  • Make a bigger down payment to lower the LTV
  • Use a local lender who knows the local market
  • Excellent recordkeeping that shows cashflow of existing rentals owned (if any)

*On brokered products, American Financial Network, Inc. is only acting in the capacity of a mortgage broker, not a mortgage lender or mortgage correspondent lender. Brokered products may have higher rates or different terms than conventional loan products. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply. Contact your loan professional for more details.

First Time Investor/ Landlord Loans

Even if you have never owned a second property—residential or commercial—you may qualify for an Investor Solution loan. Known in the mortgage industry as Debt Service...

Experienced Investor/ Landlord Loans

Borrowing options for experienced landlords include more offerings. A traditional non-owner-occupied loan may be appropriate, or a loan geared specifically ...

Buy, Fix, Flip

These loans are designed for real estate investors who wish to buy properties—often below market value—that require modernization or rehabilitation and then resell (flip) them for a profit. The buy-fix ...