Top 27 Front-End Developer Interview Questions + Answers

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You should also be familiar with various front-end frameworks and libraries, as well as tools like Gulp and Grunt. And lastly, don’t forget the importance of soft skills like communication and problem-solving to be successful in this role. Before the interview, make sure to do your research on the company and the position you are applying for. This will help you prepare for questions and show the interviewer that you’re motivated and have a genuine interest in the role.

It’s frequently used for formatting more complex documents within a stated taxonomy. Resolve the issue with a how to become a front end developer clone of the repository and commit the update to your GitHub branch. Every developer has a copy of all the code versions on their computer. If the project’s central server fails, you will lose all the project’s data. No developer has a complete copy of the local system’s files.

Differentiate Between Git Merge and Git Rebase

It is a set of markup language rules that makes the browser easily and correctly interpret the content written within. This term is used when we talk about the design and layout of th elements.

  • To save you some time in your preparations, we’ve compiled a list of behavioral interview questions that a Front-End Developer is likely to face.
  • In JavaScript, we can easily mix a lot of different paradigms inside a simple piece of JavaScript code.
  • Interviewone phone interview followed by 2 in person face to face interview.
  • It is cost-effective as it practices the optimal time and space resources usage.

The interview process can be nerve-wracking, but that’s normal. But, if you know what to expect and prepare ahead of time, you’ll be in great shape. Check out our guide on work-from-home bingo if you want to play an interesting game that helps bring your remote work team together. POST sends data to a specific URI and waits for a file or resource in that URI to process the request.

Want to run an exceptional interview for Vue Frontend Developer?

JavaScript controls chat bot popups, video, automatic refreshers, interactive maps, and more. Front-end developers are in high demand, and the outlook for this position is improving as more companies adopt various technologies. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position is expected to grow by 23% in the next decade, which is faster than the average growth rate across the workforce. Implement a function getElementsByStyle that returns all elements in the DOM that match that style.E.g. GetElementsByStyle(“color”, “#fff”) will return all elements in the DOM with white text. Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent.


To a custom error page, you would first need to create a file called “error.php” or “error.html.” Then, you would need to edit the .htaccess file to point to the custom error page. Realistically, every front-end developer should know HTML, even if you’re developing for iOS or Android. No one likes being stuck, but it’s a fact of life for any programmer.

Question #3: How Would You Ensure a Website Is User-Friendly and Easy to Navigate?

To crack FAANG interviews, you should also be good at solving coding problems and front-end-based scalable system design questions. And also expect these front end developer interview questions, which will have unique answers based on your own personal experiences… A lot of companies are readily hiring them with attractive salary packages. If you believe you possess the skills to become a frontend developer and wish to make a career in it, then you’re in the right place. This tutorial on Frontend Developer Interview Questions will help you crack your next interview. This Frontend Developer Interview Questions tutorial has put together questions on various languages and frameworks used for frontend development.

What are Front-end Interviews Like?

Front-end interviews tend to focus on technical skills, such as your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may also be asked questions about various front-end frameworks and libraries, determined by the systems you are interviewing for. There may be a great chasm between a front-end developer for iOS and a front-end developer for web applications.

An event loop is the foundation of real-time JavaScript response. You will need to initiate event loops to scan for user behaviors like clicks. A named function can be referenced in the future from anywhere in the code, whereas an anonymous function cannot — although it will run when it occurs in-line. A custom error page is a page that is displayed when an error occurs.

What is Coercion in JavaScript?

Then, you would need to write your CSS using media queries — but integrating it into the HTML is important, too. This stores frequently used files locally, so they don’t need to be downloaded every time a user visits your site. But don’t overdo it, or your site won’t be as dynamic as you want — it won’t update as reliably.

  • It is by no means recommended to use every single question here on the same candidate .
  • Your developer resume will give the interviewer a good place to start with their questions, so be sure that it highlights your front-end development skills.
  • And also expect these front end developer interview questions, which will have unique answers based on your own personal experiences…
  • This is a great opportunity to talk about something you’re passionate about.
  • It ensures that the web is also usable by people with a wide range of disabilities.
  • There are hundreds of battle-proven software development experts in our Talent Network.

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